CS1 20x11 Machined Gunmetal

CS1 - Machined Gunmetal

Item #:-cs1--machined-gunmetal
Price: $439.00

Details Description
  • Machined Black
  • 20x11, 2005-14 Mustangs
  • +55mm offset (1.06")
  • This CS1 20x11 Machined Black Rear only. Engineered to fit Shelby Extreme 6 piston rear Calipers and has an Gunmetal finish,

    complete with machined lip to give your Mustang a great new look. One of our best sellers.
    What do offset and backspacing mean?
    The offset and backspacing tell you where the mounting surface is in relation to the centerline, and is important when

    you're trying to get your wheels to sit where you want them, so you can find out if they'll scrape your inner fender, if

    they'll stick out too far, if they'll clear your aftermarket brake setup, things like that.

    We've put together a nice detailed writeup of how to figure the backspacing and offsets out for your Mustang,

    and see if this wheel will properly fit your application. Click here for more information from our customers forum.

    Feel free to place an order online and use our secure checkout 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Call Us M-F 9am-6pm PST @ (858) 527-2917.

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