Tubi Style - Ferrari 575Superamerica Mufflers With Tips

Tubi Style - Ferrari 575Superamerica Mufflers With Tips

01380211000r - Tubi Style - Ferrari 575Superamerica Mufflers With Tips

Item #:01380211000r
Price: $3,811.00
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When you’re considering an aftermarket exhaust system for your Ferrari, all roads usually lead to Tubi Style. Tubi not only makes their beautifully crafted polished stainless steel exhaust systems to fit nearly every Ferrari model since the 250, but they also carefully consider the character of each model before releasing a system. When it was introduced in 2002, the 575 Maranello took the throne as Ferrari’s flagship grand-touring coupe. Its 5.7L V12 generates over 500hp and is a perfect match for its stately grand-tourer exterior. But as with most road-going sports cars that are bound by sound level restrictions, the 575’s exhaust doesn’t quite sing the song you’d expect to hear from such a monster of an engine. Tubi Style’s direct replacement rear mufflers are carefully engineered to provide a perfect fit in place of the factory mufflers. Once installed, the 575’s exhaust system transforms into exactly what you’d expect to hear from a V12 monster. The tone is deep, aggressive, and distinctly Ferrari, yet still civil enough under normal driving conditions to fly under the radar when need be.

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