Paxton Superchargers - NOVI-1500, Curved Discharge, Satin

Paxton Superchargers - NOVI-1500, Curved Discharge, Satin

1016125 - Paxton Superchargers - NOVI-1500, Curved Discharge, Satin

Item #:1016125
Price: $2,606.99

When you are looking for the ultimate in high performance and reliability from a centrifugal supercharger, look no further than Paxton Automotive’s NOVI line. NOVI superchargers are based on Paxton Automotive’s race-proven gear case, which features billet steel, helical-cut gears*, and aerospace-quality high-speed bearings. A direct-to-gear, constant circulation, oiling system provides optimum lubrication and cooling, even under sustained boost conditions. Some of the fastest race cars in the world use Paxton Automotive NOVI superchargers–a testament to the NOVI’s unsurpassed performance in the most demanding situations.

The original NOVI-2000 is the centrifugal supercharger that revolutionized the performance industry in 1995, and remains a very popular supercharger today. The NOVI’s unique impeller design and compact scroll housing provide the capability of producing 26 PSIG of boost and supporting up to 970 horsepower. We also offer a Counter Clockwise Rotation (CCW) unit that mounts “backwards” with the intake facing forward. This allows the supercharger to be driven by the accessory drive belt, eliminating the need for a separate drive system.

The NOVI-2000 Series featured the debut of helical cut gears (as opposed to straight cut) in a centrifugal design allowing for quiet operation. While most street NOVI-2000 systems are designed to deliver 8-10 lbs. of boost, the best feature about this unit is its versatility. It can be installed on a relatively stock engine, then used to increase power with only slight modifications. No need to purchase a new compressor when you want to step up your car’s performance... just change pulleys.

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