Borla "ATAK" Axle Back Exhaust System - 2013 Shelby GT500

Borla "ATAK" Axle Back Exhaust System - 2013 Shelby GT500 - bor-11831

Item #:bor-11831
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Borla "ATAK" Axle Back Exhaust System - 2013 Shelby GT500 - bor-11831

Manufactured entirely from Austenitic Stainless Steel by Borla Performance, this ATAK model rear-section exhaust system will replace the 5.8L Shelby GT500's mufflers and provide the car with a more performance oriented exhaust tone. The Borla ATAK mufflers utilize Borla's patented Acoustically Tuned Applied Kinetic (ATAK) technology to optimize volume and tone for a truly unique and powerful exhaust sound. The ATAK Mufflers are all individually manufactured and tuned for each specific engine set to provide a powerful, clean, and modern racecar inspired tone. Featuring the depth and power of the V8 engine in the exhaust note, the ATAK also provides the Shelby GT500 with a very modern tone indicative of the incredible technology the vehicle features beneath the hood. The increased airflow the ATAK Mufflers are capable of also results in improved HP and Torque numbers across the entire RPM band.

  • T304 stainless construction
  • Louder, throatier exhaust
  • Includes mufflers with Dual Borla embossed 4" tips
BORLA, the original pioneers of aerospace-grade T-304 stainless steel (superior to 409 or aluminized steel) free-flow exhaust utilizes patented award and race winning technology to deliver quality, sound, performance gains and enhanced fuel economy all with an easy bolt-on installation.

Unsurpassed written Million-Mile Warranty.

Fits 2013, 2014 Shelby GT500

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