2017 Update on Custom Tuning

We at Last Call Racing are happy about the events happening in 2017. We have new products being added to our online store daily, some really exciting new updates for our tuning services, an integrated customer loyalty program and our search for customers to help sponsor in their efforts to build the ultimate street or track car.

Also, who doesn't love the release of the newly designed Ford GT?!

Let's talk about our new tuning updates.

We have added many new features to our calibration capabilities that everyone is going to love! In addition to our Engine and Transmission remapping service, we have added some new features for our customers.

What's new for our Tuning Options?
  • Catalytic Converter Removal and Rear O2 Sensor Deactivation (for non emissions controlled vehicles only)
  • EGR / DPF Delete (for non emissions controlled vehicles only)
  • SCR Catalyst Removal and DEF / Urea Delete (for non emissions controlled vehicles only)
  • Brake Boosting Control (eliminate throttle cut when brake and accelerator are pressed together)
  • Exhaust Flap Control (regulate to stay open or closed and depending on driving mode)
  • Sport Button Remap
  • Multi Mode Tuning (Eco / Normal / Sport / Race)
  • Automatic Transmission Launch Control
  • No-Lift Shift Tuning
  • Map Switching (several settings via Cruise Control Switch)
  • Spit-Fire Tuning (exhaust burble / can spit flames on decel)
  • Start / Stop Button deactivation
So that's some news about us, but we've also been working on you, our customer!

What's new for our Customers?

We're of the mindset to give more value than just being another parts store, so to build that value for our customers we will be starting a sponsorship program for our loyal customers. What is a loyal customer you might ask? Follow our Facebook Page Here, Share our Page with your friends, and make a comment on any of our posts. Also sign up for our newsletter on the home page.

What our sponsorship will include:

The sponsorship will be determined by the project involved and can include any of the following; financial assistance for the project, donated parts, build consultation and design, our custom tuning service. The sponsorship application open times will be limited, so make sure to follow us on Facebook and add yourself to our email list on the home page to be notified of the open times where we send applications. 

We look forward to serving you this year and helping you accomplish your vehicular goals! Make 2017 yours!

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