Vortech Superchargers - V-7 Straight Discharge Heavy Duty CCW YSi-Trim Supercharger, Satin

2a159-050 - Vortech Superchargers -

Item #:2a159-050
Price: $3,721.99

The V-1 was the first model supercharger Vortech produced. Other members of the V-1 family are the V-2, V-3, V5, V-7 and the V-11. Today, the V-3 (internally lubricated) is our most popular model, and is included in most Vortech street-legal supercharging systems. All of these units share the same gearcase-mounting bosses, fastener locations and 7.75 compressor mount flange diameter and external dimensions are similar. The V-4 is a close cousin except with a second set of mounting holes located outboard of the first, and at 9.75, a larger diameter compressor flange. Various compressor stages may be fit to these variants. The V-11 is a mid-sized variant with an 8.50 diameter compressor mounting flange.

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