Airaid MIT 02-08 Dodge Ram 4.7L

300-925-1 - Airaid MIT 02-08 Dodge Ram 4.7L

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Modular Intake Tube;

Air is lazy and will always follow the path of least resistance. So, why not give it an easier path into your engine with AIRAID® Modular Intake Tubes! Constructed of cross-linked, high-density polyethylene, the AIRAID® MIT provides a smooth path to the throttle body that flows up to an additional 400 cfm over restrictive stock intake tubes. With the AIRAID® MIT, additional horsepower, torque, and enhanced fuel efficiency can be had with just simple tools and a few minutes for installation. All of the required hardware is included along with easy-to-follow instructions.


DODGE RAM 1500 PICKUP 2002-2007 V8 4.7L

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