AIS P5RBMW 335i (E90/92/93)07-10 L6-3.0L (tt) N54

AIS P5RBMW 335i (E90/92/93)07-10 L6-3.0L (tt) N54

50-81472 - AIS P5RBMW 335i (E90/92/93)07-10 L6-3.0L (tt) N54

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Producing 14 max horsepower and 27 lbs. x ft. torque and outflowing the factory intake system by 16%, this radically different Elite Stage 2 sealed cold air intake system is engineered to let maximum air in while keeping engine heat out. Featuring two uniquely shaped molded intake ducts that replaces the single stock intake tract, this intake system smoothly directs increased air flow from two direction for improved volumetric efficiency and maximum performance. So effective is the design that Intake Air Temperature (IAT) at normal running speeds with this aFe intake system is 11 degrees lower than the factory intake. Complementing the dual intake tract are two Dynamic Air Scoops (D.A.S.) that, when mounted in the front grille, further directs air into the engine. Easily accessible with a satin black powdercoated aluminum cover, an washable/reusable conical air filter is enclosed in a molded plastic housing and mounted on a oval intake tube that smoothly supplies maximum air to the twin turbos. The full effect of this system cannot be felt or tested on stationary dyno and can only be fully appreciated on the wide open highway.

Note: This intake system comes with Dynamic Air Scoops (D.A.S.) and both a Pro5R oiled filter and a ProDryS non-oiled filter. Weight: 15 lbs

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