Vortech Superchargers - 2007-2009 Ford Mustang GT Charge Cooler Upgrade, Satin

8n301-330 - Vortech Superchargers - 2007-2009 Ford Mustang GT Charge Cooler Upgrade, Satin

Item #:8n301-330
Price: $2,041.99

Vortech's Maxflow® Power Cooler is an air-to-water charge cooling system that has been optimized for the Fox body 5.0.

Vortech uses an air-to-water charge cooler system to minimize pressure loss. Unlike the air/air systems for this application, that send charge air on a long trip through several bends plus a long cooler core, the charge air does not travel any further than the non-cooled version, so there is virtually no boost loss.

Each system features our exclusive dual-pass cooler unit and a front mounted heat exchanger ("radiator"), ideally placed in the cooling air. A water reservoir, formed of high-strength plastic polymers for durability and features an easy fill, wide mouth design that allows the addition of ice for an even cooler air charge. Also included are a heavy-duty water pump, mounting brackets, hoses and hardware.

Charge cooling means cooler, denser air that yields more power and reduces the detonation threshold while allowing higher boost options. Power gains up to 100 horsepower are possible depending on the engine modifications and boost level. This system provides cooler, denser air charges with temperature decrease as much as 100 degrees F, allowing more timing with less fuel required and more power.

Requires that the battery be relocated to the trunk area.

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