Aeromotive Billet Hex Drive Fuel Pump

aer-11107 - Aeromotive Billet Hex Drive Fuel Pump

Item #:aer-11107
Price: $718.08

The Aeromotive Billet Hex Drive Fuel Pump features Zero amperage draw, less weight, and more flow, providing the same unparalleled performance you get from our Billet Belt Drive Fuel Pump, with the added convenience of direct drive. Can be mounted and driven directly from the back of a properly prepared external oil pump or driven directly by the cam through a timing cover adapter. Aeromotive belt and hex drive pumps are the ultimate solution to fuel delivery problems in high horsepower, forced-induction EFI applications, and are fast becoming the pump of choice in carbureted applications as well. Click here for installation instructions direct from Aeromotive

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