Aeromotive Fuel Rail Regulator System for 1996 to 1998.5 Mustang SVT Cobra

aer-14120 - Aeromotive Fuel Rail Regulator System for 1996 to 1998.5 Mustang SVT Cobra

Item #:aer-14120
Price: $842.31

Aeromotive introduces a complete lineup of Billet Fuel Rail Systems for virtually all Ford V-8 engines including pushrod 5.0L as well as SOHC and DOHC 4.6L and the truck 5.4L!! Whether your Ford V-8 has a return-style or returnless fuel system, you'll find a complete, bolt-on fuel rail system is now available.

All Fuel Rail Systems include Aeromotive's Ultra-High Flow CNC-machined Billet fuel rails and custom steel mounting brackets, plus everything you need to complete the installation, from AN SS fuel lines to O-ring port fittings and hose-ends. Return style systems include their superb, boost reference bypass regulator, returnless systems include their high-flow fuel pressure sensor log.

  • Includes the same High Flow Fuel Rails used in our Competition and Eliminator Fuel Systems, good to 2,000 HP.
  • All required fuel lines are provided, made of 100% AN style SS (stainless steel) for safety and maximum flow.
  • Custom, SS Spring-Lock adapter fittings for high pressure supply (and return if required) make for a "plug-and-play" installation.
  • 1/8" NPT gauge port is provided in SS high pressure adapter, finally allowing returnless systems a place to install a fuel pressure gauge.
  • Return style systems include either 13101 or 13109 bypass regulator with 1:1 vacuum/boost reference.
  • Regulated systems will adjust base fuel pressure from 30-70 PSI.
Click here for installation instructions direct from Aeromotive.

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