Aeromotive Digital FMU System for 1998.5 to 2004 Mustang GTs and Cobras

aer-17113 - Aeromotive Digital FMU System for 1998.5 to 2004 Mustang GTs and Cobras

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The new Aeromotive Billet Digital FMU is a fully adjustable, scalable, electronic fuel pump controller. Used with an external in-line fuel pump, the Digital FMU creates a programmable FMU for use with returnless fuel systems. The Aeromotive FMU senses manifold pressure and automatically controls the external pump, providing the fuel pressure that you dial in. Now you can add forced induction to any returnless fuel system application and maintain the proper air/fuel ratio under all WOT operating conditions.

For use with Ford returnless fuel systems only.

This Ford Digital FMU System consists of all components necessary to install the Digital FMU on your 99-2004 Mustang GT, including the Digital FMU, high pressure auxillary fuel pump, fuel line adapater fittings, plumbing T's and one-way check-valve, fuel pressure sensor relocation kit, wiring and complete installation instructions.
  • Referenced to manifold pressure, the Aeromotive Billet Digital FMU controls the supplemental fuel pump to provide the required fuel flow volume for supercharged engines. Full adjustability allows the tuner to increase fuel rail pressure and injector flow throughout the boost curve. Supports up to 500 flywheel HP with stock in-tank pump.
  • The unique capability of the digital FMU, unlike traditional, fixed ratio mechanical FMUs, is to permit a custom pressure curve to be developed for each engine application. In other words, proper calibration can create a 2:1 boost to fuel pressure ratio at low boost, going up to 10:1 or more at high boost. Maximum fuel pressure will depend on the in-tank and secondary fuel pump size, along with injector flow rates.
  • The FMU features 5 independant adjustment bands that are tied to a scalable rotary knob. This allows you to set the boost scale so all 5 bands are usable for any forced induction system ranging from 5-15 PSI (larger in-tank and external pumps may be required for high-boost applications). LED indicator lights signal when the FMU is activated and which band it is currently operating on.
  • The housing of the controller is made out of Billet 6061-T651 aircraft aluminum alloy and is finished with a bright dip red anodize.
Click here for installation instructions direct from Aeromotive

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