BC Racing Coilovers

BC Coilovers for Audi A1

These BC Racing Coilovers are available for Audi A1. The units are height adjustable and 30-way damping adjustable. BC Racing Coilovers for the Audi A1 are designed to go as low as physically possible but still maintain full damper travel through the height being adjusted using the bottom strut mount as opposed to the lower spring platform. This ensures you get a great stance but your Audi A1 will still remain driveable on BC Coilovers, unlike many lesser brands! You will find BC Racing Coilovers on stanced, road raced, or street driven Audi A1s, allowing you to drive to the limit of grip with a suspension system that is adjustable, tuneable and performs better than any other. BC Coilovers from BC Racing for Audi A1 do not disappoint!

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Audi A1 8X (10+) BC Coilovers (BR)
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