BMR Fabrication Heavy Duty Boxed Subframes - For 05+ Mustangs

BMR-SFC011 - BMR Fabrication Heavy Duty Boxed Subframes - For 05+ Mustangs

Item #:bmr-sfc011
Price: $269.95

Ford's new Mustang platform is a vast improvement over the Fox body with chassis rigidity upgraded over 30%. While this is good news, it is still a uni-body and we are still left with a front and rear subframe that is not connected.

BMR subframe connectors take over where the factory left off. Both tubular and boxed designs complete the frame by tying the rear control arm mounts and subframe assembly to the front subframe. The HD boxed subframes go a few steps further by triangulating key structural points together to make a very rigid frame. Available in Black Hammertone or red powdercoat.
  • Tubular subframe connectors are made from 1.75" diameter DOM tubing and 3/16" laser cut mounting plates
  • Boxed subframe connectors are made from heavy duty 1.5"x 2" main tubing and use both 1"x 2" and 1" gussets as well as 3/16" laser cut weld plates.
  • Both designs can be welded without the need to remove interior carpet.
  • Both designs reinforce the rear control arm mount.
  • Both designs retain OE ground clearance.
This will fit all 2005 and up Mustangs, and will also fit convertibles if the rear bracing is removed.

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