JLT Performance Cold Air Intake (2011-14 SRT8 6.4L 392 Cars)

cai-dh64-11 - JLT Performance Cold Air Intake (2011-14 SRT8 6.4L 392 Cars)

Item #:cai-dh64-11
Price: $259.00


The new JLT tube is 4 1/4" ID, roto molded plastic to resist engine heat and keep the intake air charge nice and cool. NO METAL TUBING HERE!! The tube has a smooth taper to the throttle body which increases air speed and horsepower. 4" at the throttle body end so if you ever upgrade your TB you just need a 4" coupler to match the tube to it. FITS 2011-14 SRT8 Charger, Challenger & 300C br>


6.4 testing showed 25-30 RWHP & RWTQ are typical with this kit.


Standard finish is an OEM looking black textured plastic and also COMING SOON available in your cars exact body color. All painted tubes go through an in-depth process to remove all the texture, then we use only the best quality materials to give each tube a smooth gloss finish.


Detailed instructions and online video instructions (see below) helps make this an easy install. Install Instructions

  • JLT Plastic Intake Tube
  • Silicone reducer
  • 4.5x6 S&B Powerstack Air Filter
  • ABS Heat Shield
  • HD Clamps & all needed hardware


OIL OR DRY We use only the best air filters made by S&B to our specifications. For years we only used oiled filters, but dry filter technology has been proven and is now a popular option. Should I choose a Dry Disposable or Cotton Oiled Filter? Since you are not sacrificing performance with either choice, the decision comes down to would you rather throw away the filter or clean it. Dry: Comparable airflow to oiled cotton filters with the same great protection. Last for up to 30,000 miles of highway driving. Extend the life of the filter using compressed air. Oil: Oiled filters can last forever as long as you properly clean and re-oil it. Oil filters are red or blue and Dry filters are white.


To properly clean your oil filter, we recommend the S&B Precision II Cleaning & Oiling Kit. *TIP* by purchasing a 2nd air filter you can simply swap filters when it's time to clean it and not be rushed. Clean the first filter and it's ready when it's time to change again.

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