Capristo 512 & Testarossa Test Pipes

cap-512-testarossa-test-pipes - Capristo 512 & Testarossa Test Pipes

Item #:cap-512-testarossa-test-pipes
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Ferrari 512 and Testarossa Test Pipes

These lightweight Secondary Cat Delete Pipes fit in place of the heavy OEM catalytic converters. Using this test pipes removes the flow restriction a catalytic converter imposes on an exhaust system and increases the horsepower.

The silencing effect of the converters are also removed, enhancing the aggressive Ferrari V12 engine sound.

Ideal for track days and race application.

The Lambda or oxygen sensor bungs are ready installed and threaded. Made from T309 stainless steel (properties close to Inconel) to ensure the high quality associated with the CAPRISTO systems.

Since you are retaining the primary catalytic converters (located in the headers), these Test Pipes will not trigger any check engine lights (C.E.L)

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