Capristo Audi RS4 High Performance Exhaust System

cap-audi-rs4 - Capristo Audi RS4 High Performance Exhaust System

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Audi RS4 CAPRISTO High Performance Exhaust System

No matter what you say, we all know the number one reason that we add an aftermarket exhaust system to our cars is for this aggressive and sporty sound.

Just about every exhaust system on the market will add a few extra horsepower to your Audi, but what they won't do is make your car sound anywhere near as good as it will with a CAPRISTO Exhaust.

This system is sold without a remote control system as it is not needed. The exhaust valves on the RS4 exhaust system are controlled via the on-board Audi control system. If desired, a Programmable Remote Kit can be sold - Simply make the appropriate selection in the drop-down menu located above the "Add to Cart" button

CAPRISTO offers a valved exhaust system, which compliments Audi's "best of both worlds" philosophy by producing an aggressive note under acceleration, but a more civil tone during stop and go driving.

It does so by the use of vacuum-actuated flaps that open and close depending on driving conditions and input from the driver. When open, the valves allow gasses to escape through a second outlet from the muffler which facilitates a much larger volume of exhaust to freely pass through the muffler.

This not only provides a much more aggressive sound, but also contributes to a noticeable increase in overall performance. However, even when the valves are closed, CAPRISTO's Exhaust system has been defined as one of the best system if not the best for the Audi RS 4.

The exhaust valves are back pressure-controlled via the on-board control system.

Made of high-grade T309 stainless steel (close to Inconel properties) throughout the entire system and the entire system is then hand polished to a mirror finish.

TUV Certification is not available for this system.


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