Capristo Enzo Sports Catalytic Converters

cap-enzo-sports-catalytic-converters - Capristo Enzo Sports Catalytic Converters

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Capristo Ferrari Enzo Sport catalytic converters.

This purpose built catalytic converters features 200 cell per square inch substrate material. This material is made of the highest quality currently available. The coating is also of the same quality to be expected of Capristo products.

The cell count of a catalytic substrate refers to the number of holes per square inch and is a direct indication of the flow capabilities of that substrate. The lower the count of holes the bigger the hole need to be to fill one square inch. a Bigger hole subsequently flows more exhaust gasses.

All of this High flow will not help if the substrate is 'squeezed' into to small a diameter can or pipe. For this reason the Capristo catalysts come packagedin 5.2 inch packages. This does not only benefit exhaust gas flow, but benefits the operation of the valved exhaust system as well.

The valved exhaust system helps low rpm torque by providing back pressure in the exhaust, and raises temperature for good catalytic converter operation. While in the open valve condition for high rpm, it makes full use of the free flow characteristics of the Capristo catalysts. The high energy exhaust gases from the engine now have enough temperature to work inside the catalysts and the low back pressure ensure maximum performance.

These catalytic converters can be fitted to the Capristo exhaust system or fitted to any system that fits directly to the OEM exhaust.

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