Capristo Ferrari 360 - FreeFlow Exhaust System

cap-ferrari-360 - Capristo Ferrari 360 - Sound 3 Exhaust System

Item #:cap-ferrari-360
Price: $4,800.00

Ferrari 360 - Sound 3 Exhaust System

This valve-less system allows free flowing gasses through the silencer with no valves. Manufactured using T309 Stainless steel, this exhaust is extremely lightweight. It comes in the "sound 3" version, which is the loudest and most popular version.

The Sound 3 valve-less system generates a typical Ferrari F1 sound at high rpm's.

The exhaust fits to the OEM catalytic converters or the CAPRISTO parts that are available for the 360.

Also available for the 360 are our high performance 200 cells Sports Cats or test pipes.

The exhaust comes with the complete set of nuts, bolts including the proven CAPRISTO spring mounted bracket. This bracket allows much more expansion movement to the exhaust, which relieves stresses on the entire exhaust system.

End Pipes: 4 x 85mm

Ferrari 360 - Sound 3 Exhaust System Video

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