Capristo Ferrari 430 Scuderia - Complete Exhaust System

cap-ferrari-430-scuderia - Capristo Ferrari 430 Scuderia - Complete Exhaust System

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This high performance complete exhaust system, made of T309 grade stainless steel

This system includes:
  • Valve Exhaust System (Twin Sound)
  • High Performance Manifolds + Heat shields
  • 200 cell catalytic converters + Heat shields
  • Standard Remote Control

This system have been optimized and developed to allow the most linear exhaust gas flow achievable for the Scuderia, it will greatly increase exhaust flow over the restrictive factory unit.

An increase in horsepower and sound will be experienced due to a more efficient flow through the exhaust system, and our dyno testing showed gains of 40 horsepower, 60Nm and saved 24kg (49lbs) of weight.

The system uses the well-proven & well-liked CAPRISTO valve system, which plugs into the original vacuum lines of the vehicle. The valve system will still work as Ferrari intended.

With the newly-developed heat protectors, also the amount of heat radiated within the engine compartment is reduced. The heat protectors are much more effective than those of the original system. They can also be attached to the system later on without dismantling.

This system is only sold as a complete replacement exhaust system. The unique straight flow design of the system prevents interchanging parts with other systems, including CAPRISTO's.

EXHAUST: The CAPRISTOŽ Valve-controlled exhaust system for the Ferrari 458 is designed for accurate fitting to the original connections and is completely made from from T309 grade stainless steel.

MANIFOLD: The manifolds work on the "4 in 2 in 1" principle, and are made entirely from T309 grade stainless steel . They feature a significantly changed pipe routing compared with the stock manifolds. These manifolds fit on the original mounting points and a replacement of the original manifold can be carried out without any problems. It is important to note that the nuts fastening these headers should not be torqued over 24 Nm or 17.5 foot pounds. This applies to the OEM headers as well as the CAPRISTO headers. Over tightening will lead to stud failure and/or cylinder head damage.

HEAT SHIELDS: CAPRISTOŽ established that too much heat was released from the components of the exhaust system into the engine department. For this reason and as part of its exhaust development for the 430 Scuderia, CAPRISTOŽ developed heat protecting shields with more efficiency than the stock parts providing an increase performance lost from 'heat soak'. It is important to note that Ferrari 430 Scuderia owners ARE NOT allowed to have the headers installed without the heat protection shields.

Remote Control: The CAPRISTOŽ Exhaust Remote Control gives you the ability to control the flaps to open permanently, without the in-series control being able to intervene. When the exhaust valve system is closed again with the use of the remote control unit, then the in-series control unit will again take over the control of the exhaust valves. The CAPRISTOŽ system does not have any restrictive factory exhaust sound regulations, and was engineered and designed to let the howl of the 430's 9,000 rpm redline to be heard by all.

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