Capristo Ferrari 456, 550 & 575 Twin Sound Exhaust (NO Remote)

cap-ferrari-456-550-575-twin - Capristo Ferrari 456, 550 & 575 Twin Sound Exhaust (NO Remote)

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Ferrari 575, 550 & 456 GT - Twin Sound Exhaust System (Remote NOT Incl.)

Designed specially to maximize exhaust flow, the CAPRISTO Valve Exhaust system for the F575, the F550 & F456 GT free up pent-up energy, which significantly increases the amount of horsepower released by the engine. With a CAPRISTO Exhaust system, your Ferrari engine note will announce the car long before it makes an appearance from around the corner.

This system is sold WITHOUT the CAPRISTO Standard Remote Control System, however it can be added in the drop-down menu located above the "Add To Cart" button. Manufactured from the premium materials and T309 grade stainless steel (with properties close to inconel), the CAPRISTO Exhaust for the F575, the F550 & F456 GT is ready to complete the image of your vehicle and give you instant sound and performance gains.

What the CAPRISTO custom exhaust systems do is enhance this sound, while trimming out the noise and eliminating the scream-like tones to give a streamlined, powerful growl that is within street auto sound limits.

The exhaust system can be installed into its existing mounting points. The original vacuum pipes fit directly into the CAPRISTO valve system. The opening or closing of the valves are controlled by the ECU, therefore working the same way that the original exhaust was designed to function.

Due to the more efficient flow of the exhaust system, if you choose to fit your car with just this exhaust system, you will get an increase of +12PS to 15PS and a much more sportier sound than the one given by the OEM exhaust system.

This exhaust system will definitely improve sound and performances out of your Ferrari, however, for optimum results, we recommend three additions with this exhaust system:
  • Option 1: Twin Sound Exhaust System + X Pipes (Recommended)
  • Option 2: Twin Sound Exhaust System + Secondary Cat Delete Pipes
  • Option 3: Twin Sound Exhaust System + X Pipes + Sec Cat Delete Pipes (Optimum torque + hp)

Since you are keeping the primary catalytic converters (in the headers), none of the above-mentioned will trigger a Check Engine Light.

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