Capristo Ferrari 458 Italia/Spider Twin Sound Exhaust System

cap-ferrari-458-italia/spider-twin-sound - Capristo Ferrari 458 Italia/Spider Twin Sound Exhaust System

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Valve controlled exhaust system for the Ferrari 458 Italia and Spider, 1.4828 stainless polished

Valve-controlled exhaust system for the Ferrari 458 Italia. The rear muffler is designed for accurate fitting to the original connections and is completely made from stainless steel grade 1.4828. The original control unit for the exhaust gas valves is used. Superior to the original opening, the valves can be opened by our controller at any time.

As a second component we have designed a header, that works on the 4 in 2 in 1 principle. The header is completely made from stainless steel 1.4828 and features a significantly changed pipe routeing compared with the stock manifold. The header also fits on the original mounting points and a replacement of the original manifold can be carried out without any problems.

The full system has a German TÜV certificat.

Additionally, both components are supplied in combination with our new heat protection. As the 458 caused some negative headlines owing to heat problems, is deemed to be as a sign that too much heat is released from the components of the exhaust system into the engine department. For this reason a heat protection with more efficiency than the stock parts was stringently necessary for us. This piece of safety means a protection for your car. We point out that a car owner is not allowed to have the headers installed without the heat protection.

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