Capristo Enzo Twin Sound Exhaust System

cap-ferrari-enzo-twin - Capristo Enzo Twin Sound Exhaust System

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Price: $12,000.00

Capristo Ferrari Enzo Twin Sound Exhaust System

A stunning good looking system with an astounding sound quality. This system bolts into the existing mounting points. No need for any modifications. The original vacuum lines plug into the Capristo valve actuators, thereby the original functionality is retained. You will experience an increase in horsepower and sound due to a more efficient flow through the exhaust system.

Highly polished stainless steel, quality fixtures and a functional look make this an aesthetically pleasing exhaust system for your vehicle.

An optional remote control is available to open and close the valves. This allows you to open the valves at the touch of a button, letting out the full V12 sound. The same remote let you close the valves, reverting to the engine ECU controlling the valves, allowing a more comfortable cruise.

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