Capristo Ferrari F12 Twin Sound Exhaust System (Remote Not Included)

cap-ferrari-f12-twin - Capristo Ferrari F12 Twin Sound Exhaust System (Remote Not Included)

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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Twin Sound Exhaust System

CAPRISTOŽ introduces this Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Twin Sound Exhaust System. This package includes:
  • Two (2) Valve Mufflers
  • All mounting Hardware
The first thing you'll notice is the craftsmanship and quality involved in the design of this exhaust. Crafted in true CAPRISTOŽ fashion, this exhaust is using only the highest grade polished stainless steel (T309). It includes all mounting points and hangers.

You will also notice is that the CAPRISTOŽ system retains the use of vacuum actuated valves to control the flow of exhaust under different driving conditions.

The vacuum actuated valves can be connected to the OEM vacuum line without any problems, and your exhaust valves will open at mid-range. For more control about the valves, you may want to consider our Standard Remote Control System.

The CAPRISTOŽ system does not have any restrictive factory exhaust sound regulations, and was engineered and designed to let the howl of the F12's 9,000 rpm redline to be heard by all with the distinctive CAPRISTOŽ sound. By installing this CAPRISTO System, you will not only improve dramatically the sound of your vehicle, but you will also be able to get the power in the rpm range where you would normally drive the car. It is also noted that very few people drive their road vehicles at max rpm at all times and for "every day" application.

Like our other high performance exhausts, the F12 Berlinetta Exhaust System is intended to be a balanced increase between power, drive ability and sound quality, without forgetting of-course a substantial loss of weight.

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