Capristo Gallardo LP550 LP560 & LP570 Twin Sound Exhaust System

cap-Gallardo-LP550-LP560-LP570-twin - Capristo Gallardo LP550 LP560 & LP570 Twin Sound Exhaust System

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Lamborghini Gallardo LP550, LP560 & LP570- Twin Sound Exhaust System

This precision-engineered T309 Stainless steel valve exhaust system reduces the weight of your Gallardo and improves torque and horsepower.

This exhaust system will fit the LP550, the LP560 and the LP 570.

We've extracted additional power through improved gas-flow dynamics and a drop in back pressure.

To complement our muffler design, we've added our well-known exhaust valve system to create a virtual symphony from the large displacement V10 as shown on the video on the right.

At lower engine speeds and during cruise operation the valves are closed and produce a deeper and sharper exhaust note. At wide-open throttle the valves open, releasing the full fury of the engine.

This exhaust system can be installed directly into its existing mounting points. The original vacuum pipes fit directly into the CAPRISTO valve system.

The opening or closing of the valves are controlled by the vehicle ECU, therefore working the same way that the original exhaust was designed to function.

Contrary to many other exhaust manufacturers, you do not need to re-map your ECU, and this exhaust system will not trigger any check engine light.

A wireless remote control is optional with this system. It has the ability to open and close the valves at a touch of a button. This allows you the choice of opening the exhaust valves at will, letting out the sound of your LP even at low RPM's.

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