Capristo Mercedes SLS AMG Valve Controlled Sport Exhaust System

cap-mercedes-sls-amg - Capristo Mercedes SLS AMG Valve Controlled Sport Exhaust System

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Mercedes SLS AMG Back-Pressured Valve Exhaust System

CAPRISTOŽ presents this high performance back-pressured valve controlled exhaust system for the Mercedes SLS AMG, which includes:

Valve Exhaust System (Catback) Pipes Programmable Exhaust Remote Control Kit

With this valve-controlled exhaust system developed by CAPRISTOŽ Exhaust, the first thing you'll notice is that the mufflers are crafted in true CAPRISTOŽ fashion, using only the highest grade polished stainless steel (T309), as well as all mounting points and hangers.

This exhaust system is TUV Certified and will not void your vehicle's warranty!

This catback system is back pressure-controlled and freely programmable via a control unit for monitoring the back pressure. This control unit provides the possibility to individually program the pack pressure one would like to drive in, allowing you to reach the maximum performance. The portion of back pressure resulting in a loss in performance is filtered out.

This sport's exhaust combines all advantages in both the lower and higher range of revolutions (rpm), since the back pressure can be exactly dosed to enable the engine to gain the maximum performance.

By installing a CAPRISTO System, you will not only improve dramatically the sound of your vehicle, but you will also be able to get the power in the rpm range where you would normally drive the car. It is also noted that very few people drive their road vehicles at max rpm at all times and for "every day" application.

Like our other high performance exhausts, the Mercedes SLS AMG system is intended to be a balanced increase between drive ability and sound quality, without forgetting of course an increase in horsepower.

Remote Control:

The programmable control unit features an illuminated display showing all functions in plain text in 3 different languages (German, English and Italian) and provides 3 basic modes to be operated via a remote control:
  • Cruise mode - the exhaust gas valves open later
  • Sports mode - the exhaust gas valves open earlier
  • Open mode - the exhaust gas valves remain open
In both the cruise mode and sport mode, one can individually program when the exhaust gas valves shall open.

One big advantage is that the control unit recognizes the driver's operation characteristics. If the driver accelerates aggressively, this is identified by our device by the kind of back pressure that is generated, and the exhaust gas valves open immediately. Usual acceleration results in a later opening of the exhaust gas valves.

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