Set of Rear XR1 Brake Pads for F430 Challenge

cap-set-of-rear-xr1-brake-pads-for-f430-challenge - Set of Rear XR1 Brake Pads for F430 Challenge

Item #:cap-set-of-rear-xr1-brake-pads-for-f430-challenge
Price: $425.00

[important title=Ferrari 430 Challenge - Set of Rear XR1 Brake Pads] This item includes: - 4 Rear Brake Pads ONLY (For Steel Rotors)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are using your 430 Challenge for track or club racing events, you have the choice between fitting a steel application brake kit or using the OEM Carbon Ceramic (CCM) brakes. The 430 Challenge has the full ability to use a steel brake kit. In order to reduce the costs from continuing use of the high priced carbon ceramic materials as found on your car, this steel kit is the answer. Based on our experience, as well as the feedback from our customers, the braking performance is comparable to the original carbon ceramics, and a price difference of about $12,000! Another benefit is that the kit utilizes the factory calipers.This makes swapping between steel and CCM brakes very easy. With the SD3 diagnostic tool, one can switch the Challenge car's brake monitoring system over from CCM to steel brake application, and vice verse. There is no loss on performance with this option but huge cost saving when replacing brake pads or brake discs. Taurino Racing prides itself in using the very best race proven components putting this brake package together. This is not a commercialized Brembo kit that can be bought of the shelve. This kit has been developed and track tested by Taurino Racing to exceed the professional driver's expectation on brake performance. Race Engineered. Race Proven! Cobalt Friction's race pad composites supplied with this kit, represent a significant advancement in the evolution of motor sports brake pad technology. The Cobalt materials have unparalleled consistency and friction stability over the broadest operating temperature range in the industry (50F to over 1600F). Furthermore, unlike traditional resin-based compounds, Cobalt friction composites do not require bedding/burnishing to achieve optimal performance, and exhibit consistent performance throughout the life of the pad. This Cobalt brake pad with Brembo race application steel rotors come with the matching center hat for the F430 Challenge application. The hat and bobbins are pre-assembled for your convenience. This pro-series brake package with its most advanced performance friction materials assures the best brake force available. All components can be individually purchased (Rotors, pads), ensuring a further reduction of maintenance cost. Contact us at 561-882-9885 for more info. [/important]

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