C&L Performance 2005-2009 "Racer" Cold Air Intake

nl-10699-05pr- C&L Performance 2005-2009 "Racer" Cold Air Intake

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C&L 05-09 GT "Racer" Air Intake Assembly

For owners of 05-09 Mustang GT vehicles who are looking for a larger diameter "Race" style intake assembly that features a molded plastic inlet tube, we are pleased to offer this new high quality system as an alternative to the kits offered by others. The "Street/Strip" package has proven to be one of the more popular upgrades for the new Mustang GT vehicles, and is consistently ranked among the very best in power production and product quality. In fact, during a recent comparison of 12 different air intake assemblies performed for 5.0 Mustang magazine, our "Street/Strip" package was ranked #1 overall in their testing.

Knowing that a good number of people are attracted to the appearance of a large diameter intake assembly that features a plastic inlet tube, we decided to offer a new version of our existing kit to meet these requirements. This new "Racer" inlet assembly gets it's name due to it's larger internal 95mm diameter and it's lighter overall weight, which is accomplished through the plastic inlet tube and a thinner bodied CNC machined aluminum mass airflow housing.

This lighter weight eliminates the need for a mounting bracket to support the mass airflow end of the inlet tube, as the complete assembly is adequately supported by the throttle body silicone hose mounting and the filter shroud assembly, which keeps the air filter separated from the engine compartment heat. In keeping with the "Racer" theme, this package is offered at a lower price than the original "Street/Strip" system. This new intake is ideal for those who are going for the "racer" look and are looking to squeeze every last horsepower out of a highly modified naturally aspirated 3 valve GT Mustang.

Nitrous users should use our "Street/Strip" system, as the cast aluminum inlet pipe is ideal for nitrous plumbing, which is capable of withstanding the extreme forces of the occasional nitrous backfire that would normally shred most rubber or plastic plumbing.

Although the new "Racer" system is larger than our original system and has a greater flow capacity, it has not proven to generate better performance than our existing "Street/Strip" package. It is our opinion that our original kit is of the ideal size for most people, and only those with more substantial modifications (such as ported heads and cams) will be able to find greater performance afforded by the larger "Racer" package. The dyno test seen on the left was performed by us on a totally stock manual transmission equipped 2005 Mustang GT during our calibration testing for the new "Racer" intake assembly. In addition to a stock baseline, you will also notice that we tested our original street/strip system to see how they compare to each other. Although the "Racer" system made anywhere from 1 to 1.27 more HP in the upper RPM's at peak, you will notice that the performance between the two systems was very similar throughout the entire RPM range, with the orignal "street/strip" kit making slightly more power throughout the midrange from 3,300 to 5,200 RPM. The performance was so similar that one would be hard pressed to be able to declare a clear winner in terms of overall performance.

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