Ultra-Light Aluminum Driveshaft by Coast Driveline - For 2005 to 2008 Mustang GT

COA-CD60350 - Ultra-Light Aluminum Driveshaft by Coast Driveline - For 2005 to 2008 Mustang GT

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Last Call Racing is proud to offer the Coast Driveline & Gear lightweight aluminum driveshaft for 05-08 Mustangs. Developed to fill the needs of hardcore racers, the 05-08 Mustang Ultra-light Aluminum Driveshaft is a simple bolt-in replacement for the heavy and awkward OEM steel driveshaft provided from the factory. This simple driveshaft modification will provide a noticeable performance improvement on any 05-08 Mustang and is much safer than the stock steel shaft on vehicles with significant horsepower upgrades.

The rotational effect of weight is magnified in a driveshaft but the ultra-lightweight construction of this aluminum driveshaft requires less energy to overcome its inertia, transferring more horsepower to the wheels. Constructed of tough, lightweight T6061 Aluminum tube, the Ultra-Light Aluminum will provide long-lasting performance. The driveshaft also features durable, rebuildable Dana Spicer 1330-series U-joints to handle maximum horsepower. Installation is a snap with the supplied aluminum adapter plate and factory Ford mounting bolts.

Ultralight Aluminum Driveshaft Features:
  • Constructed of tough, lightweight T6061 Aluminum
  • Simple, direct bolt-on installation, with supplied adapter plate and included factory bolts
  • Half the weight, compared to the factory steel shaft
  • Dana Spicer 1330-series u-joints
  • Fully balanced and rebuildable

    Stock Driveshaft Weight - 39.1 lbs Aluminum Driveshaft Weight - 17.1lbs

    Installation Notes:
    • Stock Ride Height Mustangs - Direct bolt-in installation, no modification required.
    • 1-2 Inch Lowered - E-Brake cable bracket must be moved 1.5 inches away from driveshaft tunnel to allow for clearance of driveshaft. Requires simple re-drilling of bracket bolt hole.
    • 2 Inch or More Lowered - E-Brake cable bracket must be moved (as explained above), and two small flanges of metal must be bent flat against the bottom of the vehicle. This is a 10 minute procedure which does not affect the structural integrity of the vehicle.
    Free up Horsepower to your engine by reducing rotational mass! We've seen gains from 14+rwhp from this driveshaft!

    Standard Duty Engine Torque Capacity - 500 ft/lb

    Fits 2005-2008 Mustang GT (Auto or Manual)

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