Crower DOHC Modular 4v Cams @ Last Call Racing

Crower Modular 4vIt started as a one-man, part-time operation making engine parts for himself and his hot rod buddies over 50 years ago. Today it has evolved into a multimillion dollar, multifaceted manufacturing operation, producing high performance engine equipment for a wide variety of applications, including cars, trucks, boats, tractors, motorcycles and antiques.

Crower Cams and Equipment Company, Inc., is a leading producer of aftermarket camshafts and valve train components. But over the years Crower has developed a more diverse line of products. Today, Crower is the world’s largest manufacturer of aftermarket crankshafts and connecting rods, and the Crower line of clutches has been dominating the drag racing and tractor pulling series for nearly four decades.