Fluidyne Direct-Fit Radiator - For 2005-2009 Mustangs

FLU-FHP20-05MU - Fluidyne Direct-Fit Radiator - For 2005-2009 Mustangs

Item #:flu-fhp20-05mu
Price: $474.05

Fluidyne 05+ Mustang High Performance Radiator

Your stock radiator is good for your stock vehicle. However once you start modifying your vehicle to make more power you will also need to upgrade your cooling system to dissipate the heat quickly and efficiently. If you have added a power adder such as a Supercharger it becomes even more critical as you want to maintain low intake air temperatures. Fluidyne has the answer with its all new high-performance radiator. Made specifically for the S197 Mustang this radiator is a direct replacement.

  • 100% Brazed Aluminum Core (No Epoxy Joints)
  • High Efficiency Air Fins
  • Polished Aluminum Tanks
  • Brackets, Hoses and Fittings All Meet OE Fit-Up

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