Ford Racing 10.5" HD Clutch Disc (organic lining)

Ford Racing M-7550-A302N - Ford Racing 10.5" HD Clutch Disc (organic lining)

Item #:M-7550-A302N
Price: $315.00

Details Description
  • Spline: 10 spline
  • Flywheel Side: organic lining
  • Pressure Plate Side: organic lining
  • Contains: 10.5" clutch disc
  • This Ford Racing M-7550-A302N HD Clutch Disc is the same 10.5" clutch disc used in Ford Racing's famed "King Cobra" clutch kit, and is for use with 10 spline transmissions which include the 1986-2001 Mustang GT, 1993-98 Cobra with T-5 or T45 Transmissions, or the 2001-04 Mustang GT which has a 3650 transmission. This clutch disc is paired with the M-7563-C302N Pressure plate (okay, and a D9ZZ-7548-A Throwout Bearing) to complete the King Cobra assembly.
    Warranty Information
    Unfortunately, being that this is a wear item, there is no warranty.

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