Ford Racing 10.5" HD Clutch Disc (carbon/copper lining)

Ford Racing M-7550-X302 - Ford Racing 10.5" HD Clutch Disc (carbon/copper lining)

Item #:M-7550-X302
Price: $159.00

Details Description
  • Spline: 10 spline
  • Flywheel Side: carbon/copper lining
  • Pressure Plate Side: carbon lining
  • Contains: 10.5" clutch disc
  • This Ford Racing M-7550-X302 HD Clutch Disc is Ford Racing's 10.5" clutch disc, for use with 10 spline transmissions which include the 1986-2001 Mustang GT, 1993-98 Cobra with T-5 or T45 Transmissions, or the 2001-04 Mustang GT which has a 3650 transmission. This clutch disc is meant to work with their M-7563-A/B/C/D302 pressure plate, and has carbon/copper lining on the flywheel side, and carbon lining on the pressure plate side.
    Warranty Information
    Unfortunately, being that this is a wear item, there is no warranty.

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