GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEMS BMW 135i (E82/E88, 2008-2010)

GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEMS BMW 135i (E82/E88, 2008-2010)

fri-03231 - GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEMS BMW 135i (E82/E88, 2008-2010)

Item #:fri-03231
Price: $2,570.04

GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEMS epitomize the GruppeM philosophy of attention to detail. By replacing the factory air handling systems, increased airflow streams into the combustion chamber.

On the GruppeM intake for the BMW 135 (E82/E88, 2008-2010), the factory ductwork is replaced with heat-shielding carbon fiber with enhanced inlets to capture the maximum amount of air. Lower intake air temperatures carry higher concentrations of oxygen, allowing for more energetic explosions and producing more horsepower and torque. Of course, reliability is never sacrificed -- high-efficiency, high-flow K&N air filter materials prevent contaminants from interfering with proper engine function.

Note: this intake works with the BMW 1M as well!

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