GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEMS Mercedes-Benz C63 (W204, 2007-)

GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEMS Mercedes-Benz C63 (W204, 2007-)

fri-0405 - GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEMS Mercedes-Benz C63 (W204, 2007-)

Item #:fri-0405
Price: $3,218.60

GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEMS epitomize the GruppeM philosophy of attention to detail. By replacing factory air handling systems, increased airflow streams into the combustion chamber.

On the GruppeM intake for the Mercedes-Benz C63 (W204, 2007-), the original air cleaner box is used as it is. The kit includes a K&N replacement filter and the air inlets are dramatically enlarged. By creating duct-capacity balance with both sides, nearly twice the duct capacity of the factory ductwork is achieved. The effects of this increase are especially noticeable at high RPM and under heavy load. The whole guide is expanded so that air is ingested directly from the front grille. As a result, power increases remain stable even when intake air temperature rises due to traffic congestion or after a spirited drive. After a run, intake air temperature drops and the stable power is got immediately. GruppeM quality is clearly visible every time the hood is opened. Hand-made in Japan from the highest grades of carbon fiber.

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