Ford SVT Focus Fuel Pump

frp-3s4z-9h307-bc - Ford SVT Focus Fuel Pump

Item #:frp-3s4z-9h307-bc
Price: $283.87

The Ford SVT Focus fuel pump is what you need when you increase power above approx. 500 HP the factory 110 LPH Fuel pumps become inadequate. With increased HP, the demand for a higher performing Fuel pump becomes critical. With the higher LPH Focus Fuel pump, you get added security of adequate LPH to meet your HP needs. Rated at 255lph and is found adequate up to 400 RWHP. This fits 1999-2004 V6, GT, Bullitt, Mach1 and Cobra applications.

All that is required from this whole assembly is the little pump motor that is located within the white bucket. The pump motor is identified by the little green plastic that is attached to the top of it. That is the PUMP itself. The rest is just a FOCUS only compatible bucket assembly and hoses with a lid and will not attach/fit in any manner to your Mustang. All you need to do it take the little screws off the bucket assembly enclosure to remove the little metal enclosed fuel pump within and transfer it to your Mustang's stock bucket assembly. The rest of the focus bucket can be discarded.

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