Ford GT40 Supercar Fuel Pump

frp-4g7z-9a407-ca - Ford GT40 Supercar Fuel Pump

Item #:frp-4g7z-9a407-ca
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When you increase power above approx. 500 HP the factory 110 LPH Fuel pumps become inadequate. As your engine develops more power the fuel supply cannot be overlooked. The Fuel pumps must match the airflow requirements of the engine over the entire rpm operating range and have found that the factory fuel pumps run short of volume above approximately 4500 rpm.

The GT40 Supercar Pumps are a great fix. The Ford GT fuel pump replaces stock high pressure low volume pump/s with a high performance Ford GT40 pump. The GT40 variable speed high-output pumps flow more volume with higher volts than the Focus and Navigator Pumps. Ford GT40 Pumps are capable of maintaining their volume without any pressure drop off.

An FPDM Modification is required when upgrading to aftermarket GT Pumps.

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