Ford Racing 2014 Supercharged Cobra Jet Engine

frpp-m-6007-scj14 - Ford Racing 2014 Supercharged Cobra Jet Engine

Item #:frpp-m-6007-scj14
Price: $28,600.00
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The heart of the snake! Competition proven! Fast, Consistent, Durable!

Capable of 8-second ETís in a 3100lbs car.

Designed for operation to 8100rpm in drag racing applications


  • Whipple high pressure 2.9L SC with 3.375 inch pulley
  • Super Cobra Jet oval throttle body, M-9926-SCJ
  • CNC ported intake manifold
  • Hard wired race connectors on engine harness, cam phasers, cam position sensors, and crank position sensor for trouble free operation in high heat and vibration racing environments
  • Boss cylinder heads with CNC ported intake and exhaust ports and combustion chamber
  • 37mm hollow stem intake valves
  • 31.8mm sodium filled exhaust valves
  • Boss 302 intake and exhaust cams
  • Forged crankshaft balanced for race use
  • Mahle dished piston built to FRPP spec with increased ringland, high temperature and pressure alloy, and race coating
  • Manley H-beam rods with ARP 2000 fasteners
  • SFI crankshaft damper by ATI
  • Steel gerator oil pump, M-6600-50CJ
  • New 2014 dual shiv accessory drive with unique alternator bracket and belt routing
  • Boss 302 alternator with Boss 302 underdrive pulley, M-8600-M50BALT
  • Boss 302 oil pan, M-6675-M50B

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