Ford Racing 2007-2012 GT500 2.3L TVS Supercharger Kit

frpp-m-6066-msvt23 - Ford Racing 2007-2012 GT500 2.3L TVS Supercharger Kit

Item #:frpp-m-6066-msvt23
Price: $4,329.00

Wish your 2007-2012 GT500 had the gusto like the 2013 GT500? Now you can have the TVS supercharger featured on the 2013 Mustang GT500.
  • Fits: 2007-2012 Mustang Shelby GT500 5.4L engine
  • TVS Supercharger unit from 2013 Mustang Shelby GT500 program
  • Supercharger rotors feature four lobes with a 160-degree twist
  • Custom calibration required
  • Does not include sensors
  • Supercharger belt may not work for all GT500 model years, custom belt may be required

Kit includes:
  • 2.3L Twin Vortices Series (TVS) supercharger features 4-lobe rotors and 68 mm pulley
  • Cobra Jet Oval Throttle Body M-9926-SCJ
  • Supercharger to throttle body elbow
  • 2013 GT500 Supercharger Belt
  • Fuel rail with crossover, P/N DR3Z-9F792-B , provides adequate clearance to supercharger
  • Fuel injector retainer clips

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