1994-2004 Mustang Caster Camber Plates

Griggs Racing Caster Camber Plates for 1994-2004 Mustang GT/Cobra

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Strut cars need camber plates when lowered. There are many camber plates on the market with various features but ours are superior to all of them. Griggs Racing makes Camber plates for SN95 vehicles, 94 to 04 as no camber plate was found on the market that was adequate to the rigors of Griggs Racing design criteria.
  • 3 hole design eliminates the need for drilling into the tower. Our experience with 4 hole camber plates is that when the vehicle experiences bottom-out the 4 hole plates still bend, along with major distortion of the tower around the bolt holes. This requires replacement of the camber plate along with tower repair that may require welding.
  • Pyramid Billet design, eliminates flex and bent plates from high spring rates on coilovers, or from bottoming out on ruts and bumps or off track excursions.
  • GR40 Camber plates are made from one solid rigid block of aircraft grade aluminum. Laser cut 7 gauge lower plates with pressed in studs (not welded bolts like our competitors) increase strength and reinforce tower. The GR40 Camber Plate will NEVER need replacement.
  • GR40 camber plates do not bend, ever. And in the same type of occurrence where bottoming or high spring rates distort the tower, repair is simply made by removing the plate, placing a board over the tower and re-flattening it with a few strokes of a mallet against the board.
  • Multiple slots allow for major camber changes
  • All SN95 strut equipped cars require maximum camber at all times to perform at there best. This means alignment provisions for caster independent of camber is unnecessary and results in a weaker plate. Alignment occurs in minutes. Simply adjust left or right to required camber setting and slide all the way to the rear for maximum caster and then tighten the nuts to proper torque.
  • Serviceable PTFE lined stainless spherical bearing.
  • Beautiful blue anodized billet aluminum finish and laser etched with GR40 logo

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