GR40 Street Starter System '99-'04 Cobra IRS

Griggs Racing GR40_S-99-IRS - GR40 Street Starter System '99-'04 Cobra IRS

Item #:GR40_S-99-IRS
Price: $2,415.35

Kit Contents:

  • Lower Subframe Connectors
  • Caster/Camber Plates
  • GR40 Billet Aluminum Bumpsteer Kit
  • Urethane Front Control Arm Bushings
  • Delrin Rear Lower Control Arm Bushings (IRS Only)
  • Urethane IRS Cradle to Body Mount Bushing (Includes 14mm bolts and nuts)
  • Koni Street valved Single Adjustable Struts & Shocks
  • Front & Rear Springs with Urethane Isolators rated for spirited driving and comfort.
  • Short Urethane Anti-roll Bar Links on applicable years

    The starter kit with a big bang for the buck. Includes the foundation to make a street-driven Mustang into a smooth riding BMW killer. This kit was configured to give you incredible hookup and although our basic system, it is worthy of the GR40 name in what it yields in cornering performance and hook up. Koni Shocks & Struts, Lowering Springs TorqueArm, Subframe Connectors, Caster/Camber Plates, Bump Steer Correction and Urethane front and rear Control Arm Bushings are all included in the kit. Whether you drive your Mustang at the strip or in the twisties, this kit is guaranteed to yield significant performance improvements. Compare what you get to the competitionís comparably priced kits and you will see that we offer the best performance value.

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