GR40 Road Race Performance Front Strut with Coil-Over Rear ('99-'04 with Modular Motor)

Griggs Racing GR40_WC-99-SCO - GR40 Road Race Performance Front Strut with Coil-Over Rear ('99-'04 with Modular Motor)

Item #:GR40_WC-99-SCO
Price: $8,327.05

Kit Contents (* Indicates an upgrade from a Autocross/Open Track kit)

  • Severe Duty TorqueArm* (Solid Axle Applications)
  • GR40 Watts Link* (Solid Axle Applications)
  • TA Cover Modified for Watts Link* (Solid Axle Applications)
  • TA Stud Kit* (Solid Axle Applications)
  • World Challenge Rear Control Arms* (Solid Axle Applications)
  • Complete World Challenge Frame Kit*
  • Severe Duty Front Lower Control Arms*
  • Aluminum Front Lower Control Arm Bushings
  • GR40 Tubular K-Member
  • GR40 Billet Aluminum Drop Spindles* (SLA Systems only)
  • GR40 Billet Aluminum Bumpsteer Kit
  • Koni Double Adjustable Front Struts or Koni 3012 Front Shocks (GR40 Spec. Dynoed and adjusted)*
  • Koni 3012 Double Adjustable Rear Shocks (GR40 Spec. Dyno tested and pre-adjusted bump and rebound rates to GR40 spec)*
  • Front and Rear Coil Over Kit
  • Coil-Over Springs
  • Anti-Roll Bar Relocator Kit (on applicable years)
  • Billet Aluminum GR40 Camber Plates (on applicable years Not including SLA)
  • Anti-Roll Bar End Link Kit
  • GR40 Spec Lower Steering Shaft*

    The kit that won it all. THE standard of excellence. The most popular chassis system in late-model road racing history. Twelve years on the market and still dominant. The proof is in the race records. If you want to be consistently fast you need the World Challenge Kit. If you donít win with this, its time to check your driving. There is no comparison for this one. And where else can you find race parts with a lifetime warranty... really??

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