GR40ST Rear Suspension - Ultimate Street

Griggs Racing S197_GR40ST_Rear_Kit - GR40ST Rear Suspension - Ultimate Street

Item #:S197_GR40ST_Rear_Kit
Price: $2,689.65

Kit Contents:

  • 1 MTA 6000 - Torque Arm Kit, S197 Standard
  • 1 MCA 6000 D-5 - Rear C/Arm Set, Aluminum, C/O,with Teflon lined sherical rod ends. Adjustable length.
  • 1 MAB 5000 - Axle Bracket Kit, SN197 8.8"
  • 1 KR 40 05 Street - Koni Rear Coil-Over Kit, Street Valving, w/o Springs or Lower Bracket Reinforcement (RCO 5000)
  • 2 SRCO 10-250 - Spring C/O 2.5"- 10"-250#
  • 1 RCO 5000 - Shock Support Bracket Kit SN197 8.8"
  • 1 MAR 5000-R1 - Anti Roll Bar Kit, Rear S197
  • 1 MPB 5000 S - Severe Duty Panhard Bar, S197

    Since we build cars and parts for SPDs (Serious Performance Drivers) little time was spent discussing the merits of developing an IRS for the car. We have proven many times that IRS, low down-force, front engine, rear drive, high powered cars are not as user friendly, reliable or as fast as a TorqueArm equipped stick axle car with good geometry. It is also heavier. Therefore we decided to retain our venerable GR40 Torque Arm and Watts Link design for our SPD customers and at a minimum retain the 3-link and/or Panhard bar while improving the geometry of it for the masses.

    Lowering the SN197 chassis improves the geometry of the OEM Panhard bar, but destroys forward bite geometry and induces excessive rear steer. To remedy this we have anti-squat correction brackets which double as a mounting for a unique bind free adjustable rear anti-roll bar. This bar is provided for those desiring a tuning tool for chassis balance while running the OEM Panhard bar geometry.

    Rear Koni coil-overs are standard and an axle mount reinforcement bracket kit is supplied to strengthen and make rigid the somewhat flimsy OEM shock brackets on the rear axle.

    The Watts Link is available as an optional upgrade, and will be a simple bolt on unit and will allow adjustment of rear roll center height as in all other GR40 Watts Link assemblies.

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