GR40TT Autocross/Open Track Complete Chassis

Griggs Racing S197_GR40TT_Chassis - GR40TT Autocross/Open Track Complete Chassis

Item #:S197_GR40TT_Chassis
Price: $13,231.81

Kit Contents:
  • Tubular Front Cradle
  • SLA Tower Set
  • Bump Steer Kit
  • GR40 Lower Street Steering Shaft
  • 15:1 Variable Ratio Rack w/ firm performance valving
  • Severe Duty SLA Tubular Front Lower Control Arms
  • SLA Tubular Front Upper Control Arms
  • Ball Joints
  • Billet Aluminum Drop Spindles
  • Koni SLA Track Coil Overs
  • Zero Bind Front Anti-Roll Bar
  • TorqueArm
  • Watts Link w/TA cover
  • Adjustable Aluminum Rear Control Arms
  • Axle Brackets
  • Shock Brackets
  • "315" Kit (Allows use of 10.5"/11" wheels and 305/315mm tires)
  • Koni Rear Coil Overs
  • Rear Anti-Roll Bar

    Optional components:
  • Adjustable Rear Control Arms (Quiet - Urethane/Heim) + $80
  • Watts Link w/TA cover (Quiet - Urethane/Heim) + $150
  • 15:1 Constant Ratio Track Rack w/ firm performance valving + $70

    Engineered for the serious Mustang driver that uses their car on the strip or the road course, and still drives on the street. The kit includes all the components as the Ultimate Street Kit but includes adjustable Severe Duty Front Lower Control Arms, Billet Aluminum Drop Sindles, a Watts Link and T/A cover with appropriate TorqueArm, and "315" Kit. Significant weight (over 250 lbs) is removed from the stock front end. This system will improve performance over the GR40ST Ultimate Street System but it will have increased road noise.

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