Griggs S197 Anti Roll Bar Kit, Soft, Adjustable Zero Bind Front

Griggs Racing MAR_5000-F1 - Griggs S197 Anti Roll Bar Kit, Soft, Adjustable Zero Bind Front

Item #:MAR_5000-F1
Price: $599.95

Quick Facts:

  • Unique Bind free design allows your chassis to function the way it was intended
  • Reduces body roll
  • Tunable (You can change the stiffness)
  • Lightweight
  • Linear
  • Improves suspension component durability (primarily front lower control arms)

    The GR40 Anti Roll Bar is unique and superior to all other Anti-roll bars because of the following features: its bind free, adjustable, lightweight, linear Anti-roll bar Kits for Mustangs suitable for use with OE or most aftermarket suspension systems, equipped with struts or SLA from any manufacturer. Unique offset spherical ball mounts eliminate bushings and associated bind from chassis flex, which can cause detrimental effects to handling as well as suspension system and impact component durability. Considerably lighter than comparably rated anti-roll bars on the market, the new GR40 Anti-Roll Bar reduces body roll, increases stability and facilitates chassis balancing at high lateral loads. This is the first real fix to all the anti-roll bar issues on the front of a Mustang. Multiple patents pending.

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