Griggs Rear Anti Roll Bar

Griggs Racing MAR_5000-R1W - Griggs Rear Anti Roll Bar

Item #:MAR_5000-R1W
Price: $479.95

  • Unique Bind free design allows your chassis to function the way it was intended
  • Reduces body roll
  • Fine tune chassis balance by adjusting in 9 position increments
  • Very Light weight
  • Linear
  • Fits any aftermarket suspension system. No welding required!
  • Standard equipment on GR40TT Mustang with either Panhard bar or Watts link.
  • Requires MAB 5000 Rear Control Arm Relocation Brackets or equivalent.

    The GR40 Anti Roll Bar is unique and superior to all other Anti-roll bars because of the following features: Zero friction, bind free ball mounts instead of bushings, and adjustable, linear rate. Considerably lighter than comparable rate anti-roll bars on the market, the GR40 Rear Anti-Roll Bar reduces body roll, increases stability and facilitates fine tuning of chassis balance at high lateral loads. Multiple are patents pending.

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