Griggs Drop Spindle Kit w/ Hubs & Brake Hats 2005+

Griggs Racing MDS_4000 - Griggs Drop Spindle Kit w/ Hubs & Brake Hats 2005+

Item #:MDS_4000
Price: $3,567.96

  • Several new features never offered in a spindle before are incorporated in the design, and patents are pending. Using a large, serviceable Timken double roller bearing, the entire assembly is lighter and far more rigid than an OEM SN95 or SN197 spindle/hub assembly, improving brake performance, cornering power and steering accuracy. Test results indicate 4 to 5 times stronger than OEM spindles and hubs.

  • 2" drop and overall design allows use on SLA systems with upper ball joint inside wheel, allowing wider front tires.

  • Current configurations fit all 79-07 GR40 SLA Mustangs, 64 1/2-70 GR350, Factory 5 Cobras and similar applications

  • Currently available with 8.7 degree KPA and 10 inch length upper and lower ball joint design, and soon to fit late model Mustang strut systems, the modular design of the spindle accommodates many different configurations and vehicle usage as well as ease of repair. Talk to us about your needs.

    The included hat is integral with the hub to retain the Bearing. Also available are stainless steel brake brackets, hats and floating rotors for Griggs Racing Brakes and other popular brands. Each component of every assembly is beautifully clear anodized for corrosion resistance, and serialized to assist time management for servicing assemblies used on race vehicles.

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