Griggs Tubular Front Cradle, 2005+

Griggs Racing MFC_5000 - Griggs Tubular Front Cradle, 2005+

Item #:MFC_5000
Price: $1,294.95

Quick Facts

  • Foundation of the GR40 Front Suspension System Geometry
  • Replaces both the heavy radiator support and the OEM K member.
  • Weighs only 42 lbs
  • The only such unit to have a lifetime warranty.
  • Rubber or solid motor mounting.
  • No motor mount option for motor plated cars.
  • Fits all known aftermarket long tube headers and suitable for some turbo systems.
  • Includes mountings for MARB 5000 series anti-roll bar.
  • Designed for use with GR40 SLA system.

    Due to revised geometry of GR40 SLA system, this unit accepts only GR40 steering racks, or racks from 79-04 vehicles with rack extenders installed (part number MSS 05 RX 1001).

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