S197 Watts Link

Griggs Racing S197_Watts_Link - S197 Watts Link

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Quick Facts

  • Quicker chassis set than a Panhard Bar
  • Identical cornering characteristics both right and left (unlike a Panhard Bar).
  • Positively locates the rear axle laterally allowing use of maximum tire sizes with the least chance of rub.
  • Increases controllability and driver confidence under power and in cornering
  • Pivot mount is vertically adjustable allowing quick easy and predictable tuning of chassis balance.
  • Can be installed independently of TorqueArm. Use with left upper arm removed for improved handling.
  • When used with a TorqueArm lateral tire loads are made independent of changes in engine & brake torque loads, vastly improving handling and power applied performance and braking.
  • Adjustable rear roll center, improving corner exit traction.
  • The very best choice in a lateral axle locator available due to positive location of rear roll center regardless of ride height movement. (Zero migration)
  • Minimal sprung and unsprung weight increase compared to all other lateral linkages on the market
  • No bends in brackets affords zero flex.
  • Best choice for competition vehicles, drag, autocross, road racing, and serious open tracking.

    Must be used with TA Cover modified for Watts link (part number TA 8.8 MOD). Griggs Racing may be able to modify your aftermarket TA style cover to work. Please contact us if you have any questions.

    Griggs Racing Watts Link

    Based on the system found in the GR40 World Challenge system, The Griggs watts link is CNC machined from aircraft aluminum and Laser cut steel. It is track proven and offers many benefits in handling, response and tire fitment not obtainable through the use of a Panhard bar. The chassis bracket is easy to locate on the subframes for quick installation.

    The Watts Link functions similarly to a Panhard bar, but it has added benefits. The primary benefit is speed of chassis set in quick left-right-left or slalom use. Panhard Bars inherently have a vertical jacking load that makes the car not turn left and right with equal balance, and the longer the bar the slower the set time becomes. Set time is the time the car takes from initial turn in to “set” where transition is achieved and power can be applied. What this means is with all other things the same, a Watts link equipped vehicle will decrease lap times considerably compared to a vehicle equipped with a Panhard on any track with a series of “esses” or especially in autocross. Further, the Drivers confidence is greatly improved in tighter corners or any place where more abrupt driver inputs are required to negotiate a corner of hazard.

    All GR40 Watts links provide adjustable rear roll centers allowing for ideal chassis tuning for varying track and tire conditions, this precludes addition of rear anti-roll bar in most cases. Simply raise the linkage to loosen the car on high grip conditions and lower it for loose conditions, such as hard tires, or rain. The single shear design on the Watts link bell crank pivot itself is a designed failure point should hard lateral contact be made against the rear wheels. The bell crank will twist and/or fail before destroying more expensive parts of the chassis system, reducing repair costs in such an event.

    These are the same parts used by many GR40 Mustang drivers winning championship events in many series as well as in “Old Blue” and by Ernesto Roco, 2006 American Iron Extreme Champion. There are small modifications to make up for changes in the S197 geometry. Like most of the products bearing the Griggs Racing name they are proven under brutal race conditions across the world to be the absolute best performance value.

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