Griggs SLA Tower Set, 2005+

Griggs Racing SLA_5000 - Griggs SLA Tower Set, 2005+

Item #:SLA_5000
Price: $549.90

When used with the rest of a GR40 SLA system this results in the following:

  • Fully track tested
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • Through increased tire contact due to better applied camber and control of camber change.
    • Substantially increased front grip
    • Improved turn in
    • Reduced entry and mid-corner under steer
    • Improved front tire wear and temperature balance
    • Stable roll center
    • Minimal track change in roll
  • Improved anti-dive geometry
  • Better braking with less static camber
  • Easy alignment
  • Accommodates wider wheel to be installed.
  • Coil-over shock system for adjustable ride height and corner weights
  • Available for street and race applications
  • Can be used on GR40 modular spindle and hub system
  • Brake brackets available to mount most 3.5 inch pattern calipers on 13", 13.5", and 14 rotors on SN-95 spindle
  • Fits radial mount brakes with a simple spacer

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